Taobao union credit crisis of the individual owners decide on what path to follow

a lot of people looking for customer service customer service to reflect the evidence, now it is not.

a few years ago, Ali mother out of Taobao alliance, is what we call the Taobao customer, it gave us hope, many webmaster put Taobao advertising, there is a single page of Taobao products, a few years ago a certain product list is really very popular, this also appeared as Jiang Junjun the moon make 6W master, and the Taobao alliance home income billboard, the monthly income of millions, hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of There are plenty of people who I joined last year, Taobao off the army, but did not appear during the first half of Shanghai love crazy K Taobao off site, at the beginning of this year, month 6W Jiang Junjun of Taobao customers the website is in love with the sea under the pain killer, Taobao calls a guest at this time, a few of my Taobao guest website was also be K or drop right of doom, point to the monthly income of the poor, I They did not give up hope, good maintenance and promotion to the recovery of weight. We are to do at the time, a lot of people in the March Taobao Union community reaction of losing one’s situation is very serious, I personally have not felt this situation, in the past few days I have found, I purchased the products with individual PID links, confirmed a few days later still did not see the Commission, and a friend is a screenshot of it shows a customer purchases 2 products, only shows 2 courier, do not buy customer products, the owner will send the goods? And the customer also confirmed, this is an evidence of iron.

many guest do Taobao know, Taobao alliance credit crisis appeared, because I have been doing Taobao, after hearing the news I was very angry, Taobao alliance community is overwhelming black single, single out the post, webmasters are in deep, but it was not until today is not an official response.

remember when I just graduated, in a company web site promotion, when our company come in contact with a lot of advertising, advertising alliance like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like a few years ago, it makes a lot of high traffic webmaster see hope, so we are putting advertising alliance advertising, the beginning indeed we can earn some money, but after a period of time, we found that the union buckle quantity is very serious, and has not made money, even a direct run away. This makes us hard to do stand webmaster too much to handle.

after a period of silence, we also see hope, that is the Google advertising alliance and love Shanghai alliance, it should be said that 2 was the best Chinese, but love the Shanghai union application threshold is relatively high, but the price alliance love Shanghai are generally low, so we chose the most webmaster Google alliance, when it did many stations have earned a great dollar, until 2011, Google announced its withdrawal from the Chinese, which gave us a blow to Google’s website, now often not open, which makes it more stationmaster very reluctantly give up the Google alliance.