The commonly used tool for the analysis of Shanghai dragon query webmaster

love Shanghai webmaster tools can be used in the analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng chain analysis, index query, grasping abnormalities and robots, and will put forward suggestions according to the website page optimization, optimization of the webmaster encyclopedia guide better website.

2. Google webmaster tools


I work every day is to view the site, in the optimization period also try a different query tool, but in the end with a handy, his eye margin is that several, now the search engine launched Webmaster Platform, some Shanghai dragon industry portal station on loading Shanghai dragon tools, makes the selection scope of Shanghai dragon tools more widely, but do not use on what Shanghai dragon tool remember: query data only as a reference, and not the website real data in search engine value, combined with the experience of using their own comments below the Shanghai dragon query tool.

search engine Webmaster Platform only add website and verify the site belonging to use these query tools, but the function is relatively simple, can only query some basic conditions.

Because !

1. love Shanghai

every webmaster will use some of the Shanghai dragon query tool do stand in the process of the analysis, whether it is a competitor’s site or other sites, or is used to query the web site collected, keywords ranking, the chain, Links etc., with tools to assist the query, not only convenient, but also for visualization analysis all kinds of data query, to avoid unnecessary waste of time, love Shanghai "Webmaster Tools", can search every kind of webmaster query tool, watching so many Shanghai dragon tools, the choice is a bit more difficult.

, a search engine

compared with Shanghai and Webmaster Platform Google, 360 search Webmaster Platform function is less and less, in addition to the sitemap submission is the site safety inspection, including site safety monitoring, website speed, Ping detection and DNS detection. 360 search Webmaster Platform on-line soon, all need to improve, take a long

has been doing is love Shanghai optimization work, focus on Google rarely, Google webmaster tools is not much, because of personal blog, so little explored a bit. The main tool is the console, operation status, traffic optimization and laboratory five, Google webmaster tools is a treasure, make good use of it can dig a lot of details, very helpful on the website of the Shanghai dragon work.

4. YAHOO webmaster tools

Webmaster Tools

3.360 search Webmaster Platform

Webmaster ToolsSome of the tools of

YAHOO webmaster tools do not need to register an account, do not need to verify the site ownership, can be directly used for data query. But YAHOO webmaster tools for service Adjustments > now

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