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: a web site must ensure that there is a steady and fast server

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in fact, there are many webmaster friends in the use of the space, the main reason is very simple, it is not for the record: foreign space (this is really no way to do, as we all know, now the domestic filing procedures more cumbersome than the previous two years, time-consuming is long; second) that is, fewer restrictions on foreign space (the building of a harmonious society needs.).

here, the author talks about the stable structure of the site, does not mean that we in the website optimization, website cannot be modified. Rather, we try to do, do not carry large range of changes to the site, but also not to frequent revision of the website. These practices is very unfavorable for the site’s ranking for

we all know, there are many factors that influence the website optimization Shanghai dragon, the most common way of the server, the website structure, the content of the website, and the website chain several. So, here I want to communicate with you, is about the website if we want to get a stable ranking in the search engine, we in the end how to ensure that these factors affect the website optimization Shanghai dragon is in a stable state under. So, how can we get a stable ranking in the search engines? The author thinks that the main consideration from the following aspects.

web server in website optimization, I believe we are very clear. Personally, for a server, its stability is more important than speed! Of course, it is not important, as long as the website said has remained at a very slow speed can open. Under normal circumstances, domestic web site Ping value should be kept within 100ms; at the same time, the foreign Ping value should be kept within 250ms. Here, maybe someone will ask, now that the domestic service access speed, why not the

has a certain optimization experience for many webmaster, not included on their biggest problem is not the search engine problems, but the site’s ranking in search engine instability problems. In fact, I also recently often fall behind in A5, so webmaster forum found that many owners often ask this question, that is after Shanghai Longfeng optimization, yesterday also ranked in the search engine home site, why second days can not find, or fall into the back seat. The. In fact, this is what we usually say the website ranking unstable situation. So, in the course of our website optimization, how to ensure the stability of the website rankings, or avoid the stable position of

two: Web site must have stable structure of

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in fact, the stability of the server for the importance of Web site optimization, it is self-evident. The network on this article is very many, here I will not repeat.