Bring the medical station consultation method!


of the patients will look down to know if love Shanghai, the long tail word our "(area) the hospital treatment of prostatitis is good to know the love of Shanghai in front of 80% of the patients will open the page, if the content is useful to the user, bring consulting opportunity is very large.

if the patient is not completely understood through knowledge words, online consultation will play a very good role.

brand promotion

bloggers think, should have love Shanghai bidding each hospital, because this is the most important way to the source of customers.


two, then love Shanghai auction (promotion)

because the bid is always in front of natural rankings, especially in medical industry, for more than a few of them, some patients click directly into the official website. This time is the time required by internal website optimization.

connected to an article "the medical industry of Shanghai dragon why do hard", this blog is mainly about how to optimize the medical station.

do recommend. The relevant recommendation can not only make website internal links, and is conducive to the user experience. Of course, remember this "related" two words;

search volume of single long tail keywords without primary keyword volume, but is a huge number, and has very high conversion. Do the medical industry friends should know that the transformation of long tail keywords than the much higher conversion keyword. For example.

The addition of

internal anchor text, nature and related content, will not mention;

no matter what the industry, products or medical station or, our ultimate goal is to achieve the purpose of sales. The medical station sales is to have the patient. We do Shanghai Phoenix are need to be transformed, the ranking is of no significance. The relative medical Shanghai dragon is very difficult to do. How can we achieve our purpose, is the treatment rate of

this requires empathy, if you suffer from prostatitis as a patient, you will first search on the web (area) which hospital treatment of prostate (good, fair price, some experts Zuozhen etc.). You may know that the first look at the love of Shanghai. If there is love in Shanghai know your negative information, I believe you will not go to the hospital.

medical key long tail optimization

three, through the long tail word, click business.


, the brand promotion to enter the website:

first site must be at a glance, make the patient quickly find the content they need, navigation is simple and clear. Also on the search engine optimization, but also conducive to the user experience;

because of this, the brand building is very important, is the first step in the selection of hospital patients.