The 2 billion war Lust three new board company lovemaking taboo barbaric growth

love, taboo, business.

this is a special industry, the development of the industry in the country for 23 years, has not yet produced a listed company; however, at present in the new three board, there are already 4 listed company.

almost everyone is aware of the great value of the industry, almost everyone wants to know the true situation of the industry.


industry is fun industry, currently 4 companies listed three new board, namely seals information (hereinafter referred to as "he", 837472.OC), Taohuawu (838664.OC), chunshuitang (839466.OC) and health (835587.OC), lover of 4 companies a total of 1 billion 949 million yuan valuation.

in the name of interest, industry barbaric growth

at 10 in the morning, the grain of sugar Small on his fun live, the system shows more than 600 people gathered, from time to time there are onlookers throwing a big banana, which is a small sugar Small play.

based on live as well as social, he was interested in the mobile terminal gathered a number of traffic, the current dau (number of active users) reached 300 thousand.

based on the flow of mobile terminal sales of toys, condoms, sexy underwear and other products, in April 2012 he set up his own interest in the establishment of the mobile electricity supplier play, in 2015 sales of nearly 60 million.

was founded in 2009 in Taohuawu, playing and his fun similar, but also electricity supplier + community model, the current dau reached 150 thousand. Sales of products based on sex toys, in 2015 sales of nearly 20 million.

The other two companies

chunshuitang and health lovers are old chunshuitang company, founded in 2003, the company’s main business interest, also do its own brand products, 2015 sales of about 40 million; her health is a sex toy production started, is Asia’s largest toy manufacturer of brand development and transformation at present, 2015 sales of around 1 hundred million.


(data source: Choice, read the new three board research center)

4 companies, playing different. In addition to love health, the other 3 companies the main electricity supplier, which is currently the industry’s largest interest opportunity, a proof is Taobao fun supplies shop up to more than 40 thousand, the industry is still in the barbaric growth period, but no one dominate the political arena.

electricity supplier’s opportunity lies in the profound changes in the structure of the industry sentiment. Because of the special nature of the industry, the electricity supplier before, users buy sex toys experience is very bad: in the middle of the day in the shop, may bear a passer-by strange eyes; because consumption is very low, the next line store must raise the price, so the price is ridiculously high; in addition, the user experience was crudely made products.