Love Shanghai search picture indicates the logo graphic combination Era

makes some graphic combination of effective content more efficient display to the user, in addition to the Shanghai dragon who is also a very important point, is that if you can picture you the hint button to increase the content of exposure. It is more able to capture the attention of the user, the user clicks on the probability will also change, you know love is Shanghai click principle, click more results will be search engine that this is the result of user needs, which can bring rankings to improve. I believe this point is a point of the Shanghai dragon most pursuit, it also gives us a great importance that we may not realize the picture in the content before today, no matter who is doing the content we have to consider the image integrity for an article.

loves Shanghai affects each every act and every move of Shanghai dragon Er nerve, the recent love of Shanghai has launched a new function in the search results appear in the picture of the logo. Believe that the user experience is a small improvement, actually may be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng operator does not pay attention to their own traffic sources, in fact, is especially important in some pictures of the industry, the picture is to bring a lot of traffic. The user needs on the picture of the amount is very large, and useful pictures to help users is particularly large. For example, I want to go somewhere to find a job, I will see some of this building is what you find is to ensure the right place, far away or you will find yourself to go to the interview place, in fact, the picture uses very much, I believe here there’s no need for me to introduce more.

if the factors are excessive amplification, all the webmaster to hard heap of images, may let love make some adjustments in Shanghai. The picture must be placed users need a picture, not to put a picture on a picture. For example, we often say that there are pictures and the truth, this picture has become the most important part of the indispensable content. This article if I just put some pictures, users see this picture and did not see this picture without what anything. Such a picture is best not to waste the user’s attention, if you really want to put it in search of high quality to create value for the user’s picture.

on the Internet content is composed of four elements, the first is the word, followed by the picture, moreover is sound, the last is the video. In fact, the text quality is the lowest, if you do false original you don’t know, is the most simple text to get on the Internet, if you want to get the picture is not so easy, the sound is more difficult, the most difficult is the video. The most difficult is the most valuable, that is to say the picture was more valuable than words. And in great demand, the problem of search engine has been unable to effectively solve, not very good to meet the needs of users, I believe the launch of the picture of the logo believe that solve this problem start.

picture user method of personal experience is: who can tell what you do not put, cannot sense the content.