The Adsense must read the rulesTaobao customers make money model touted as an important way to start

      5, according to the advertising content, positioning your site to choose, if your site has a long-term development goals, then you will have to choose some good advertising alliance to do, because now some websites in order to improve the flow of some colored advertising let the webmaster to promote this will affect the image of the website, the website is not equal to the long-term development.

August 16th, with Big Ali open strategic layout as the background of the Taobao alliance inaugural Adsense conference will be held in Beijing. It is reported, this stationmaster general meeting "the meeting of martial arts general meeting is in the world", it is with martial arts culture as carrier, will roll out alliance and small and medium-sized stationmaster grow together, open the brand-new business model of collaboration. The conference began in 2011 August and lasted for six months to December. It has been launched in 8 major cities in the country, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xiamen, Qingdao, Xi’an, Chengdu and Hangzhou. During the period, will also be held ‘who’ commercial competition activities, for the first time in the webmaster group, through online auditions, martial arts assembly judges comments, players PK, for one million yuan growth fund jointly set up by 6 big sellers, thereby mining excellent promotion mode and webmaster.

According to the Taobao

      advertising alliance is one of the main sources of small and medium-sized websites! I share some of my personal experience with the league and share it with us!

There are many successful examples of

      advertising is to earn the difference between advertisers and webmasters, so some webmasters will attract advertisers in order to set the price is very high, the alliance can only rely on the amount deducted to earn money, so when the owners in the choice of alliance is not only high prices, high prices are not necessarily a good thing.

Jiang Junjun is one of the many Taobao guest, he operated a Taobao guest website — Taobao sale network has 2 years of time, about Taobao customers, he told reporters that Taobao guest changed his life, changed his fate.

alliance earlier this year released data show that Taobao alliance in recent years for the owners the amount is divided into boosted, the day has been divided into amount from 800 thousand yuan before the continuous over 4 times, data show that the Taobao guest Wangzhuan form by many webmaster blitz, has become one of the important way of personal Adsense venture make money.

      4, credibility, before doing, ask other webmaster, the credibility of this alliance, must choose your letter of webmaster ask, otherwise there will be false words.

Jiang Junjun was born in Guizhou Province, at the age of 17 because of a disease as an amputee, in order to self-reliance, he spent 18 hours sitting in front of the computer to learn the methods and experience of Taobao customers make money every day, because of his website record problems and suspected phishing sites had been closed. But he did not give up, with an indomitable spirit has persevered.

pays no attention to his efforts, and his unremitting efforts have finally earned him fruitful results. Jiang Junjun told reporters that in 2011 July to promote his total sales of more than 420 thousand, Taobao’s passenger income reached 60 thousand yuan, deduct tax for net income of 50 thousand yuan, to achieve his dream of a business.

such as Jiang Junjun on their own efforts, according to Taobao union official data show that Taobao union members daily income of more than 50 thousand people have more than 10, the highest income even reached about 800000 yuan, Taobao Alliance for people to make money and create favorable conditions, and report the "die another day" commercial competition will help more people get a chance to grow.

      again, stationmaster.

      3, the stability of the alliance, the best choice to do some old League, of course, I mean the old union has been active, some brands are old, but new.

      at present the domestic advertising union is very many, each kind of payment way, like CPA, CPM, CPC all has. Prices are not the same, whether the webmaster alliance is very important, because if not, you will be white to work, then we have to talk about how to choose advertising alliance, the following principles must abide by:

      2, payment time, your best choice to do the initial payment cycle short, usually a short one week long payment to a month, or even longer, so that the loss of only a week’s time;

      first talk about advertising affiliate.

      in a word, the alliance that has been active for a long time after a long market test must be a good union!


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      1, the strength of the company, before you make an alliance, must look at the strength of this company, some big companies do alliance will be better, at least not second days are gone;