Deep share teach you how to gain more resources in Shanghai Longfeng community!

obtained by AC Shanghai Longfeng experience of a friend more often than other ways to get stronger and more friends for a long time, everyone is to promote each other and learn from each other, even if everyone engaged in the same industry of Shanghai Longfeng, but the industry search terms is infinite, also do not have much competition. "Peer enemy" does not exist in Shanghai Longfeng industry.

is the work experience of Shanghai dragon fight to a certain extent, the problem most friends will ask "have you ever met? How to solve?". Each person’s experience is limited, which requires communication and exchanges, sharing your experience and ideas to share, mutual benefit. After the relevant problem can no longer cram, styled to ask around, they can easily solve, only to the point of Shanghai Longfeng we need more exchanges. Of course, to participate in exchange activities, there are more benefits, as well as festival to Shanghai dragon show this lovely industry for beginners.

a lot of Shanghai dragon in the industry friends, outsiders see their relationship as brothers, in fact they may not have met online, only through the network to exchange knowledge and experience to understand Shanghai dragon; many Shanghai dragon circle organization are all over the country have not met each other brothers. The. For example, the rich marketing, before the 2011 Annual Meeting, the core management staff and local party liaison are not met each other, at the annual meeting of the day before we will gather in Beijing to meet for the first time, but we like his brothers, together about their experience, talk about their market. The development together, together to find opportunities for cooperation.

buy "Shanghai Rui ruffian depth analysis" to see a dragon, with deep feeling, is worth to share, because of the way we really can not lack friends, brothers and sisters, help, to share, to see the riffraff Rui long share.


Shanghai dragon is a really magical industry, not as long as the training lectures and lecture by the relationship, the general would not have the network marketing industry within the scope of deception. In Shanghai dragon friends and friends in the industry are relatively simple, only for the exchange of knowledge, methods and experience, not too many other bad purposes.

also engaged in Shanghai dragon really capable people generally do not have the too big spectrum, at least I haven’t yet met has both ability and very opinionated people keep up appearances. We all know the industry Daniel don’t think you are big, the author of this a cipher in 2010 had a mentor teacher ZAC line with domestic practitioners under the privilege of Shanghai Longfeng exchange and common meal, I was just on the network invited teacher ZAC. Do you think through the network connection on the "bull", if not each other really busy, usually get a response, compared to other industries.

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