Shanghai Longfeng chain construction matters needing attention are what


third, Links exchange should be considered. Many webmaster exchange Links the other PR value of the site look very heavy, while ignoring other factors, this is a very wrong ideas and practices. Links exchange website to see each other website snapshot update frequency, website and chain number, number and site Links, a number of factors must be considered in which, for example, potatoes now have two sites can exchange Links, a website PR4, Links 50, and another website PR3, Links 20, this time with the PR3 website for absolute than with PR4 website to conversion, which involves the website output, which is of course in the two other site conditions, Links number difference under the assumption that exchange Links cannot only see the PR value, or see the website the chain, to a number of factors into consideration;

keyword is to let the webmaster website optimization has a good keyword search ranking in Shanghai dragon, which is the ultimate aim and pursuit, the ranking will bring traffic to the site to bring income, bring the weights of the website promotion, however in the chain is also very important.

practice; The

sixth, select the same industry site exchange Links. This is the moment to exchange links easy >

second, the construction of the chain not too much by the way side. Many webmaster in the chain are often too dependent on some special practices, such as BBS signature, blog and forum posts, replies and so on Post Bar chain method, this method made easy to be deleted, and the poor quality of the weight and website ranking very little help, not only waste a lot of time, and no good effect;

fourth, mass garbage chain. This is a lot of new friends often do, use the forum or blog group software group garbage outside the chain is not only on the site rankings have substantial help, will lead to site K, sending Shanghai dragon black hat

first, the chain selection is not accurate. The construction of the chain chain will only release consistent with their web content and type of place in order to play the best effect, the chain is equivalent to other website, forum or blog and other places to the site to vote, the voting number indicating the site popularity is bigger, the search engine to the site of the weight and ranking the higher, and consistent with their web content and type of website, forum or blog to give the best voting effect, this kind of search engine will also vote to see more heavy, this is many webmaster exchange Links only the reasons for the same type of website. Is not to say that in other type of website, forum or blog outside the chain is invalid, but the effect is not similar to the good effect of

fifth, Links do not use image links. Use the pictures on the website of the Links rankings without any help, is completely wasted effort. Pictures and site keywords is not a concept, search engine spiders are not only text recognition, image recognition;