Love rock he started 10 years to do the nternet Registration Platform listed


December 15th, the weather in Shenzhen is quite cold, Zhongguancun Venture Street has already invaded the South depression atmosphere which is regarded as the pioneer Denver city. However, his heart is full of warmth and political. On this day, he founded the internet medical platform for medical treatment 160 landing three new board, became the first mobile medical shares.

in recent years, the mobile medical industry is very competitive. Data show that the current domestic mobile medical App has reached 2000. Why many industries from the game player off the lead out, to become the capital market "Reds" is the 160 doctor


according to the entrepreneur reporter, from 160 registered medical breakthrough mobile medical, currently in the end, the doctor and hospital patients with end end product development, providing appointment registration, examination, diagnosis, diagnosis before in the whole process of service links. The patient guidance, appointment registration, check number, mobile phone payment, clinic examination report query, after comment, chronic disease pipe needs can be satisfied on the 160 platform in hospital.

In addition to

, in addition to having a team of both software and Internet genes, medical 160 also established a large number of online hospital resources as their own barriers to competition. Today, 160 of the medical service has been extended to the country’s more than and 200 cities, the service of the hospital, the daily average of nearly 150 thousand registered.

but, unlike many in the capital of the young in the teeth of the storm behind the 160 listed Internet Co, medical treatment, is difficult to explore resources and the accumulation of 10 years, and the founder of a set of rockers and IT in a male.

rock youth

said, Luo Ningzheng is China’s first generation of Internet users in china. 1992, Luo Ningzheng admitted to National University of Defense Technology computer professional. However, his deepest impression on the university is rock.

Luo Ningzheng in October 1992, just a month after admission, the band released debut album "the dream of the Tang Dynasty", the first 100 thousand copies were sold, the Panther band’s first album, released in the mainland. The next few years, Chinese, rock music to a climax, the magic rock heroes turned out, young people crazy rock geothermal love this show flexibility bold, passionate music rhythm.

rock (Dou Wei, Zhang Chu, He Yong three)

nature of the blood of the politics of Ning also joined this surge of rock and roll. He clearly remembers his first listen to the tape is the reincarnation band to fame: the flames of Yangzhou road. Then a get out of hand, Luo Ningzheng put the pocket money to buy rock tapes, buy a whole drawer.

but, apart from his obsession with rock and roll, Luo Ningzheng began to jump out of the "business man" thinking to think about rock and roll, and he formed his own rock band, the "agent"