Robin Li responded to employees running away they compete with me

Robin Li

[TechWeb] reported on October 12th news, Baidu CEO Robin Li recently guest CCTV "lecture you", and answered the questions from the audience.

for former Baidu employees leaving entrepreneurship, Robin Li said, "I know that Baidu has many people out of business, these entrepreneurs who later established companies, many also inherited the culture of Baidu, this is something I feel particularly gratified."

Robin Li also said, "they want to compete with me, but I must not fight. He went out to do something different from me. One thing to do, first of all have to have luck, around 2000 to do the Chinese search engine is the right time, then it becomes the possibility of large. Now go out and do a search engine, who can not do." (rain)

is the following questions:

audience questions: the list of recent scientific and technological figures, your ranking fell, Baidu’s market value has been not very good, how do you see it?

Robin Li: as a high-tech high growth companies, its stock of up and down is actually very common, Baidu has been listed for ten years, it should be said that Baidu shares fell the most powerful when it is the first half of Baidu just listed, then the first half fell 70%, a do not feel optimistic, or see don’t understand. But then our market value returned. Recently is not too good, but what is not so good as Yibailiuqishi dollars?. Slowly will reflect our true value. The short-term Never mind I don’t understand, the character of this person is to assign it do not follow not waver. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

audience questions: Baidu has been in progress, but the market has not been as good as Tencent and keyword/keyword Alibaba keyword/keyword, but the search technology is still relatively solid industry. Including Baidu made electricity supplier, but did not succeed. I think this is not in your business layout which need to strengthen the


Robin Li: no matter how many other outside can make money, I think it should be the opportunity to others rather than their opportunity, and I saw the opportunity I think it also enough, there are many places need to be improved. People will be more beneficial to the future because of the progress of our technology, so I still hope to go down this direction.

Baidu employees before the question: the factory manager is good, I am a 80 entrepreneurs. I remember the day I left, I took my leave, made a circle of friends, I go to dream. I leave Baidu is not because of treatment, not because of the platform, not because of promotion, because I still have an unfinished dream.

Robin Li: I know that there are a lot of people out of business Baidu, these entrepreneurs they later established a lot of companies, but also inherited the text of Baidu