Traditional business models do not move to the nternet

the impact of the Internet for everyone to see the opportunity, want to use the Internet to build their own brand, want to use the Internet to sell their products, I can feel with the Internet beyond their competitors. So, overnight, we talk about the Internet, have access to the internet. Guardian yuan Kun found many traditional companies into the Internet and then lose money to leave, what is the reason?

last night at the guardian yuan Network Marketing Group Kunming friend mentioned a problem, I now have a good supply of goods on hand, and I think the line under the super cooperation, the business no matter how much I oversold, super only need to return a "cost price" to me. For such problems, we are not very familiar with? Many companies are doing this, you help me sell Maihao profits.


The traditional mode of enterprise

this common use very much, if access to the Internet early friends also know that the previous webmaster did the "super" role, give people a free booth, selling the shipment of profits into. What is the situation? You want to have a booth on my website, whether or not to sell the product, pay a certain amount of advertising fee. Just like today’s business super, they are not out of stock, we want to go in the product, is there an entry fee?

each businessman said their products are good, but given the conditions you have to help me sell a profit sharing. In fact, this is a very common phenomenon: This product is very good, you help me to sell, but the salary is 0. Who earns? Although there is no pre billing, do not sell products. But this time a lot of people are free of advertising, free of charge to your brand or product endorsement, and these people are not a little reward, because 0 of base salary.

believe that most of my friends have experienced this no salary to work day, but this kind of thinking it is already a few years ago thinking, everyone has learned that there are a few businessmen thinking, people will do no salary.


return to the original topic, why a lot of traditional companies into the Internet and then lose money to leave, guardian Yuan Kun believes that there are at least the following:

first, not willing to invest too much.

is not willing to invest too much is a common problem, not willing to invest in human, material and financial resources, the reason is very simple, just do not want to pay tuition. Because of the characteristics of Internet marketing, I now pay tuition, a short time can not see the benefits.

two, there is no special Internet marketing talent.

most of the traditional enterprises to enter the Internet without a special Internet marketing talent, a lot of time just to make your marketing personnel forcibly entered the Internet, but the Internet does not understand how to play the Internet? Let a man to have children, maybe one day in the future.

three, their products are suitable for the internet.

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