Rural entrepreneurs able to take nternet plus express

is a reference to rural areas, people’s eyes immediately come out "face loess back" scene, the countryside with the Internet seems to not take not together, the people of the village is the village people, guarding their own third of an acre to live. So, now, young people want to start in the rural areas must follow the same ancestors? Rural entrepreneurs able to take "Internet plus

" express?


, a "Internet plus" rural entrepreneurship is a positive response for prime minister

former Prime Minister Li Keqiang Internet plus "slogan when Komori since the media has been thinking about this problem. Because I was a farmer’s son, he grew up in the countryside, rural people deeply feel the hard work and money is not easy, since I entered the Internet circle now to keep in mind to make some contributions to rural areas, thinking the Internet will be implanted to rural entrepreneurship. Now the prime minister is calling on us as a new generation of young people with internet thinking why not go for a break?

two, rural Internet market has not developed

with ALI, Jingdong and other giants continue to grow, their Internet industry chain also began to extend into the countryside. From the wall to the local TV ads are fully reflects the strategic vision of these giants, but also experienced a huge demand for the future of rural Internet market.

The development of

rural Internet market is not only a "development" can Everything will be fine. it involved, the whole industry chain planning, from the popularity of the network terminal to the construction of network infrastructure to improve the express outlets, the scale is huge, the effect of considerable information, efficient.

three, who can occupy the countryside, who is the future of the Internet everyone?

why dare bombast said who can occupy the countryside, who is the future of the Internet everyone? The construction of big city can meet the needs of modern life, but the relative or a piece of paper, if you are a dreamer, then pick up your pen to describe the beautiful blueprint. As China Internet market of the last piece of virgin land, occupation of the rural market can change an enterprise.

1 is Chinese rural support billions of people and the "backbone", the revitalization of agricultural science and technology can not rely on imports, the development of the Internet can improve the rural occlusion message channel;

or 2 rural basic education needs the largest local, "3861 forces" everyone must have heard of it, basic education for children is very important, is directly related to the future talent reserve, we’re going to catch up with other great powers will have to rely on these flowers of the motherland;

3 in rural areas is still the biggest demand for electricity, there is no express deep rural hinterland, so people even want to online shopping will give up because of these problems, this Komori since the media has deep experience, wanted to purchase a little rural home appliance, finally because the express can not reach without.