can divorce and his (her) venture together

Abstract: it’s much easier to sign an agreement before starting a joint venture than to find a lawyer later. Before sign the agreement is not to say that I am ready to start a company, I also want to divorce, to do so is a kind of based on the fact that any person and joint venture, once the couple began to create the cause, there will always be the risk of breaking up.

husband and wife entrepreneurship is not very common, but often lead to vigilance. For example, many investors have clearly warned that not the couple’s joint venture investment project, even if there is a lot of successful couples in the entrepreneurial case, these investors still consider marriage split may lead to equity segmentation and business failure is great scourges.

this has also been the support of many psychologists, a psychologist at the Northwestern University said, once the couple divorced, their values will no longer be consistent, the so-called life friends do not, let alone make friends over the occupation. Especially when one side of the serious damage to the mutual trust between the parties, such as derailment, it will make it difficult to continue to move forward with the husband and wife.

worked together for many years, suddenly found to break up, such a situation will make negotiations become unpleasant. One will feel that he is the emotional side of divorce, demanding material compensation, the other party may try to defend, never give up. To some degree, all the old stories, merits and demerits will fall into the surface, to have a failed marriage story becomes one disaster after another.


but even so, we still lack a can prove that the file is not suitable for statistical evidence of entrepreneurship, the couple entrepreneurs fear, not necessarily because of the failure to obtain the public dissemination of more, and the negative story raise a Babel of criticism of people, often makes this produced an inherent bias.

couple entrepreneurship really would not do? Even if the divorce, then the original business will not be able to sustain? It is not only an investor needs to consider, is an entrepreneur must consider the problem. In fact, many due to marital problems of equity division or business failure, because a lot of irrational leading to, if on the relationship between husband and wife and cause a more rational cognition, but not necessarily entrepreneurial couples, but even if it does not become husband and wife, the business also will not necessarily therefore, failure.

a story

and J had little to have a happy family, they have three children, but also operates a chain logistics company in California Sacramento, the original life looks very smooth, full of hope, but after 3 years, good halted their business while on the upgrade. But the marriage has come to an end. After months of consulting and thinking, they decided to divorce.

At the beginning of the

, little J thought his wife would ask to leave the company