The beginner who needed to reduce three Wangzhuan unnecessary losses

1 first do Wangzhuan, no need to spend too much energy

most of the people began to do Wangzhuan is to ask for the moon, want to take a lifetime thing and a lifetime of money to get. I don’t need you to know that it’s not possible. Generally speaking, 2-3 hours a day is enough, it can also be beneficial to the body and mind. If you talk too much in the above words will try to gain much is harmful to the physical and mental The loss outweighs the gain.. First you only see him as a part-time, or interest to do, time to accumulate experience, explore thoroughly, when you decide you spent much time in Wangzhuan, to achieve the ideal effect.

2 network to make money for a stable person

Contact network

money when most people start thinking that certain items can certainly make money, and half will be able to earn a lot (if you want to become fat), that is the case now, then you can close this page (not read), everyone knows what you are whether to do, of course, the process is very boring and shabby, when your passion is over, do not do, so while stop now. Is the so-called eat hot tofu. Network money is the need to accumulate, no matter what things that you accumulate, everyone like contact the network to make money, but to his idea, operation mode, and compensation is not very clear, that how to make money? Here I can only say to you "know it, understand it, he felt" Wu one wonders, gradually to the money in your pocket. (in fact, the site is the reason) often seen on the network some day to earn tens or hundreds of projects, which you are also not sure he is what method, what kind of way to do it, but one thing is for sure, that he is getting a step by step up the. So you need a correct attitude, from the most basic, the most simple start. In fact, it should be to think, if I do not, there must be no 10 Fen, if I do, there may be 50% of the hope of success

3 excellence, more than fine

now the domestic many Wangzhuan, some friends may want to make a few more to improve their income, here I suggest that you do not do this, you can choose some suitable for you or is familiar with, put a few do quite thoroughly, and then choose the good of his project together, because of this to lay a solid foundation for the first, it is helpful for your future. Second, if you do a lot of money from the start, think about the fact that the income is really a lot of money, do you think about it? Can you receive this money in your pocket?. There is a little money in the account of each project, but do you think about it? Some items are easy to make money at first, but it’s hard to make money when you can. So if you don’t have money in your pocket, it’s not your money. If you only do a few, but all are doing very fine, all can get the money, this time you see the hope, give you the confidence, it is