Web site to make money is the key to do a good job site positioning

grassroots groups has been a bright group in the network, the grassroots advantage lies in less concern, courageous, what can be done, and what not to do, grassroots owners are most concerned about is how to do web traffic, how to make money


QQ on the day before yesterday, a friend with me, I come to ask me how to make money, the site, the problem, put me on the spot. I didn’t know how to answer him, so I had to pretend not to!

evening meal, still can’t help but think how to answer the question? This article will help you to review some of my views, feel very great webmaster can not close look, patience is not enough friends can also turn off the watch, for this article only for the novice friends.

site is very important, no matter what the website, as a novice, the most important is the site of the profit, even if do not know how to gain it, do it, would be extremely hard and boring. I have seen many webmaster friends ambition is particularly high, wish your website can do Sina Sohu that, in fact, for the novice webmaster, especially grassroots webmaster, this idea is particularly terrible! First, you do not have a fixed resource system, including network resources, capital and technology. Second, a personal website, guanggansiling waving flag, you have no way to take into account so many aspects, so, the novice webmaster website, must be simple, must have a clear profit pattern is


grassroots groups to make money in general, the following aspects are personal experience, we can refer to!

first, the content of advertising profits, now more and more advertising market credit system, Google Adsense, alimama and other content providers advertising, regardless of the settlement, or stability, are very reliable. You don’t have to worry about such a stable market. By this kind of advertising money website, are doing the basic flow, if you intend to rely on such a way to make a lot of money, I want to tell you is responsible, if you do not SEO, if you don’t do enough persistence, no IP, fifty thousand words, every month the advertising money also, you can only buy a smoke!

second, CPA flexibility relatively large number of advertising profits, if the above, located in such a profitable way so that your site should be targeted selectively to do, have a friend used to do Fetion download, download and install a user registration, to earn 2 dollars. My friend, on the forum, blog and other various QQ space and local publicity, a day can earn hundreds of dollars. But Fetion download this one, have shrunk in the beginning, close to saturation, and more and more people have registered letter, so now more money do Fetion download are basically SEO master

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