Chilean star through 2 billion 600 million to sell, after the transformation of the 80% of the 14 mi


suspended for 3 months Chinese media announced the 24 asset acquisition plan, the company intends to take the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy a "happy farm" game developer Elex 100% equity, total transaction value of 2 billion 660 million yuan, up to 28 times the premium level.

"chief Entertainment Officer" noted that 14 80 business backbone of Chilean star pass will hold shares of listed companies, from among the poor grass root overnight turned large nouveau riche there are wooden inspirational brother. One of the youngest born in November 1987 Xu Cheng, in 2010 came to the Chilean star pass, talent for 3 years on the share of the envy envy hate ah!

spend 2 billion 600 million transition Internet

through such a high level of premium acquisition, Chinese media explicitly expressed its desire to enter the Internet firm:

"due to changes in technology and consumer behavior, cultural media industry is entering a period of adjustment and transformation, and the change is mainly reflected in the channel. The Internet has greatly promoted the development and dissemination of cultural industries, cultural enterprises also need to adapt to the transformation of cultural consumption patterns, from traditional media to the Internet and other media, all media direction."

Bulletin shows that the Chilean star pass is a platform with the advantages of Internet companies in the Internet media, information entertainment, internationalization, cloud computing and other aspects have a strong competitive edge. Chinese media through this acquisition, the layout of the Internet business, synergy advantages of traditional media and the Internet to promote the transformation and upgrading of the company for the all-round, all media, the whole industry chain of cultural products and services.

however, the main business of intellectual star pass game, the main products and services in a closed-loop manner in running its business structure is divided into three levels: first of all, through the YAC security software (Elex joint Tencent QQ computer manager team provides the system clean and free anti-virus software as a service) as a breakthrough, with a number of navigation site for traffic entrance, to attract users to flow; secondly, after obtaining traffic, then by means of the gaming platform, cloud platforms and Tedmedia ad network platform, link, ensure the traffic flow entrance layer to efficiently import related games and e-commerce sites, to promote the implementation of traffic cash; finally, in game development and application APP layer, relying on the advantage of traffic entrance, the games as an important breakthrough of profit.

to sum up, the wisdom of the star through the actual source of profits, in addition to the search engine revenue from the Internet and Internet advertising revenue, the most important is from the development and operation of online games. According to statistics, the year 2013 through the Chi star game development, game publishers, advertising, technology services revenue accounted for 38%, 39%, 22%, 1%, that the company’s gaming revenues accounted for 77% of total revenue, advertising revenue accounted for.