Ali mother began shameless ban account


I found your website system detection, website traffic appeared abnormal phenomenon, that is your site traffic abnormal way up, please check the phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice within seven working days to make a written explanation of the phenomenon.

if you think that after verification, the phenomenon is normal and in accordance with the actual situation, please provide proof within the time limit data corresponding to my website, if not available, or provide information you cannot prove that I will be on your website last month now click billing (including default AD / sponsor AD / partner Ali mother advertising exchange of proceeds) temporarily frozen, until you provide proof materials and reasonable.

thank you very much for your understanding.

an hour ago received such an e-mail Ali mother, so I am very disappointed mother Ali reason is:

this account of corn has expired, and the site no longer exists. I could not help but want to ask Mom? Even a domain name expired, websites do not account, where the site traffic? How can the site traffic abnormal inflated? The background statistics is zero, it is normal to turn negative


I can only say that Ali’s mother’s head appeared abnormal inflated, so that the site is gone, there will be abnormal traffic.

speechless! Mom is a failure, cry up wine and sell vinegar, and the integrity of the webmaster together? Can ask their own mom