Siren suction gold square open shop annual income of over million

            Name: Demon

earnings: annual sales of 80-100 million

features: foreign trade women’s clothing

successful experience: not felt, not idle Kan price, grasp the core customer service service

to purchase.

she is a workaholic, especially at 1 months pregnant, the loneliness with resistance from the shop at home, she would get out of hand. In less than two years, the store turnover from one thousand or two thousand per month, to now the annual sales of 80-100 million. And turnover is inversely proportional to her weight from 90 pounds in the past dropped to a total of 70 pounds.

package goods monopoly style

clothing kanzouyan afraid "." She said, he is a mad love, taste of Europe and the United States, that white-collar office demand, "the basic models in short is to wear out, see more foreign trends."

is currently own foreign trade garment factory of VIP, her every one or two days to get a new batch of goods, due to the large amount of energy, from the factory to the price is low. Sometimes, she will pack the goods. Package of goods is an open secret in the foreign trade clothing industry, not only can be a number of goods package monopoly, but also a lot lower price, but the need for capital.

purchase sale personally battle

and most sellers are not the same, the demon did not open sale chat service, intends to buy people can see online prices and detailed pictures and instructions, she does not accept the bargain. She told reporters that the pre-sale inquiry, it is possible to speak for one or two hours the other party does not necessarily buy. For the sale of credit is very concerned about her, sent the wrong goods, the wrong size code and so on, she will properly handle. She has been with a faster speed of logistics companies, "slow one day, and may be hundreds of thousands of funds can not be timely return. Speed and company size are the two most important aspects of logistics."

the key link to purchase, model photos, processing pictures and aftermarket, or to personally battle." Now, please demon 2 assistants, one for delivery, one responsible for the shooting and processing of the picture, she was ready to ask the person in charge of the warehouse. For her, one day in fifteen to six hours is not unusual, meal time is not more than 10 minutes, her weight is less than 2 years reduced by 20 pounds, and she served as the model for suction gold effect is also good, she bought a big house, put on a BMW car.