Novice home page bit by bit

The production of web pages is a painful process, for a novice, both want to save time, but also hope to be able to prove themselves on the network, to make a good web page, is indeed a difficult thing. During which will take a lot of detours, touch a lot of nails, perhaps a lot of friends visited this experience. My home page took me three days, coupled with the blind application of home space, domain names, etc., a total of nearly five days in addition to eating and sleeping outside spent on it. Now think back, if there is a clear guidance, will save a lot of time and energy. In line with this idea, I put some of my experience to write it out, I hope to help friends.

the first step: to clear their site theme, the web page

2: home making recommended a relatively easy tool, such as Frontpage, Hotdog etc.. Here I recommend using Frontpage. It is seen that the production method is more suitable for beginners. HTML can be made in the form of the "view" menu under "HTML……" Option) combined with direct design, pay attention to the function of the application form. As for some tips, such as the formation of the home page and then apply. But for beginners, flat light is true".

During the

second steps: application homepage space and domain name, upload files.

1: home space applications easier, just fill out the real information, can be successful. The note read the terms of service, to avoid misoperation.

2: domain name is used to simplify your home address. Home page address provided by the service provider is generally more difficult to remember, the application of the domain name is more obvious than easy access to others. There are also applications after the domain name, such as ZB169, 163, etc.. General domain name is relatively easy to apply.