Gong Haiyan Entrepreneurship ten years of those feelings


the Reading Jiayuan, 91 teacher network founder Gong Haiyan in @ Zhenge fund annual meeting, she shared the experience of their own business in ten years in this paper, it is worth all the entrepreneurs to read (Abridged article).

I am 91 Teachers Network founder Helen of Troy Jiayuan founder, is also very happy, Xu teacher give me a chance to share a little experience of my enterprise and everyone, I am also grateful to Xu Wang these years of my love and support, they hope that angel can good good news, a lot of money. All of the companies are Internet Co, it is said that there are 230 Internet Co listed China million to 40, an average of six million, can have a market, a lot of people think 1/60000, feel the future of darkness, there is no point light.

but it’s always great. October 8, 2003 Jiayuan in Fudan University dormitory was born, it had only one user, or my bestie friendship. Who can think of 7 and a half years later we will be listed on the Nasdaq, become the 1/60000 lucky? During this period, there are too many difficulties and frustrations, but entrepreneurs, is to face all the difficulties encountered on the road, and a little bit difficult to overcome. I advise everyone to do the company, do not think the old market, and to think about why you want to start a business? As an entrepreneur, the first is risk takers, 95% of the people in the world are afraid of risk, avoid risk, no risk, only 5% people, is the adventurer. Love challenges, fear of risk. Now that we have chosen to start a business, we have put down all our fears, full of hope for the future. We have overcome their own, in fact, it is difficult to overcome their own. But we have to choose, without hesitation, bravely. Moreover, although the probability is 1/60000, but the court Mr Ji Qi three times on the NASDAQ bell at the age of 45, I also want to come back.

before founding 91 net foreign teachers, I have brainstorming with some friends, you think I do something to earn money may be difficult, but I want to do in the field of marriage status, may also be very not easy. But I think Jiangshan, are playing out, the status of rivers and lakes, are mixed out. Do not take the first step, how can we know that it will not be possible, of course, there is no position does not matter, as long as they find themselves like, think that meaningful things, to do it on the line. If you fail again? I hate Losers are always in the wrong. in our culture that, successful people surrounded by flowers and applause, the loser can’t even gain sympathy. A person as long as the courage to challenge, even if the failure, but also to give her encouragement and cheer. Originally founded Jiayuan dating website in because he is deceived, and determined to do a good serious dating sites, so the first step.

a lot of people say I don’t know how to teach