Put big advertising size, zoom AdSense income

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dear publisher, Hello:


we find that your website has a large part of the flow potential has not been fully utilized, the main reason is that you have not selected " ACE " ad format.

you can immediately enter the AdSense account, according to the layout of your web page to select the generation of 728*90, 300*250, or 160*600 size, quick replacement of the current code, immediately enlarge your AdSense income.

we have observed that the publisher is replaced by the three advertising formats, the effect of its advertising has been significantly improved: ad clicks increased by an average of 14%

~30%, advertising revenue increased by an average of 25%.


this is due to the three ad formats accounted for nearly 70% of the advertising resources, and is the largest selection of pictures, video ads. Using these three " ACE " format, can significantly improve the website revenue, so we strongly recommend that you act immediately!


you just need to generate in the account for your page layout of the " ACE " advertising format, and then the new code to replace the existing code, you can quickly update the ad.

click here to enter account update

after you complete the update our system will automatically detect the updated advertising unit, and began to match a variety of high-quality advertising resources, we will continue to focus on your account performance.

look forward to your good news!

Google AdSense optimization team