The operation in common with online Witkey

      for Witkey website, the same three point games, the Witkey Baba as an example.

      new teaching, and through some means to make it easy to get a sense of achievement; give unique honor to senior level users do not feel the same; ensure the community fair;

New entrants


      Witkey is a community, is also a non functional website, all purposes are not directly. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out new teaching. Witkey Baba at this point do good, set up a special school for witkey. School classroom: through the reward of Witkey mode for teaching users some small technology. I think the main teaching is not in technical teaching, but in the use of the platform.

      what is Witkey platform? Witkey platform can help us achieve what purpose? This is the two basic questions about the answer of Witkey, very easy to get is about to accept the task of publishing platform, to complete the task reward. However, the user needs is a specific direction, the general situation of their meaningless.

      see Witkey Baba on reward task is about the design, I will talk about teaching users as an example. First of all, the need to determine the target group, the main design of this kind of users may be students; second, determine the typical of this kind of user, he is a model, as the same user reference, by providing him with some related empirical studies, this is the most important part of.

      with the technical aspects of the need to carry out related tasks recommended. For the new registration, you need to submit the direction of interest, and recommend the direction of the task and the introduction of a typical user experience.

sense of achievement and guarantee fair

      money is not the only way to get a sense of achievement. Many problems and tasks may be simple. Baidu know, Sina asked model is the task model — non monetary compensation task model, or the simple task will not bring profit sharing platform, but he is one of the users a sense of accomplishment, should start from the task related to the direction, provide some non monetary rewards for simple tasks like this.

      becoming a professional model is a good enough unique honor and gives them some special rights, of course, the model may be time limited. Even some of the tasks belong to the honor of the task, only to what extent the user, in order to participate, it should provide relevant professional points.

      fairness or the old saying: it’s important about the public