Ma Haiyao how to make use of CPS million Commission

09 years occasionally in a web site to see the video, see a story about college students, one of which is a soft advertising, is the introduction of the return of the network. The return of the mode of the net is a fish marketing, his profit model is a completely CPS station. Friends who have done CPS should know how to get commission, but you will ask me, people’s Commission 10%-20% so high. My product commission is only around 5%. (I’m talking about a commission on the same product, don’t get me wrong) then I’ll tell you why he is so high, the return of this type of Web site is a fish pond. He can use the fish in the pond and his big B2C to coordinate the commission. But they will not be much higher than the Commission, he gave the user’s commission is that he gets a commission of 10% of the product to the user. For example, the user to buy a product, B2C gave him a commission of 10 yuan. This site will be 10 yuan of money to the user of 20%. This looks like a lot, and finally the user gets very little. This is the reason why they dare to use 200 thousand dollars in January to do the crazy advertising! The bigger the fish pond, the more money. You can not move? I want a private bank (including me) will be very jealous. I want to share is that if you see a new kind of thing or make money, we should learn to take the initiative to analyze. As much as possible to make people how to make money step analysis. This is a kind of progress!

to the meaning of this project, I want to express is: others can make money, we also want to try! As marketing in a word said: success can be copied. For example, now the domestic good CPS is the guest, some people will say: how do I earn money, that is a lie or something like that.

I think this should be to "touch" the purpose of many people. I am very happy to communicate with my friends, if you have friends who want to communicate with me, you can add me QQ, we can explore some of the issues. Thank you for your support!

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