The first video to forget one thing to be honest

is the first video to forget a truth: to be honest

was busy with my class. I was so angry when I thought about it.

: when the first video just early development, so we need the small owners to support them and then join them politely, service attitude is very good, how to put what benefits, and even how much income of our small owners are very clear, with small owners are more and more, the first video the performance also began to gradually rise, like a wounded man, a man’s care, he will be very grateful. We are grateful for the return of the benefits of their return.

but when the kind of a strong person. Friends have nothing.

what I call the mid term is to see the first video of the ALEXA ranking rising gradually, and then with this. The conditions for joining the league are slowly starting to get tough. Development。 In development. Money, my mother,

Is the 2 peak of

powerful function: I’m too talented, adding conditions for most small Adsense on this money alliance by wanger. The first video forum also started a lot of discordant voices: I did not cheat ah. Why is it so strange?. I used to be able to make 5000 of the amount of traffic before, how are now 2W, but changed less?

late: more and more people began to pay attention to the harmony of the past… The discordant voice is too loud. It’s time to change. More and more owners to give up even to me, learn our lovely pony elder brother, I want to take back what belongs to me!! give up to take back to belong to our webmaster’s very precious dignity to

, I don’t say much. Take a look at the first video ad now!


how do I wait for that Andy Lau and Chen Guan Xi from the face to see how the sex of the AD is gone, huh, anyway, is the garbage to the user to point, and then he does not point to your GGAD. No money you are now using video alliance? My dear webmaster compatriots! This article from the QQ network feeds