Tencent entrepreneurial base open class the road of entrepreneurship

May 10th, the theme of "the new platform, the future of the Tencent entrepreneurial base open class at the ninth session of China Internet entrepreneurs conference held in the same period, thousands from across the country to listen to the webmaster and Internet entrepreneur, lecturer lineup unprecedented: ATA CEO sun genyield, YeePay CEO Tang Bin and Stanford University School of business director of Chinese Frank Hawke (Han Cheng) three guests went to the scene, for entrepreneurs to share business experience. Among them, Mr. Sun Zhenyao in the case of inflammation of the vocal cords for everyone to finish this speech.


Mr. Sun Zhenyao served 25 years for HP, served as vice president of Hewlett-Packard Co, President of greater china. Then served as chairman, chairman Ali, hiSoft group by education, such as the role of the current ATA company founder, CEO. In the field of entrepreneurship Tencent open class, Sun Zhenyao combined with years of experience in business management and entrepreneurship experience for participants to bring the road of entrepreneurship keynote speech.

look at the path of entrepreneurship from the enterprise life cycle

as a former executives, Sun Zhenyao retired from HP did not stop his occupation footsteps, having successfully led hiSoft group listed on the Nasdaq, he chose "no answers to the questions", created by education, science and technology. In this transformation process, Sun Zhenyao has a real experience of entrepreneurship and a new understanding of the entrepreneurs in the face of product development, business development, team building and other issues confused. Sun Zhenyao said that the biggest problem is the choice of entrepreneurship, you have the courage to do a you do not know the future of decision-making.


Sun Zhenyao came to the mainland, a book entitled "enterprise life cycle" the book had a great influence on his management philosophy, until today, he still thinks Adizes Issac · (Ichak Adizes) of the enterprise life cycle theory can provide a good reference and way for entrepreneurs. The three main stages of enterprise development is the survival, development and Changqing, and different challenges for each stage.

for a start-up initial stage, demand, attitude, team and the implementation of the four part is the key success factors can not be obtained, and the value of the common ideal adhere to the view is the key condition for an excellent entrepreneurial team is indispensable. The main challenge lies in the development stage of the operation and expansion; and if you want to everlasting, three aspects of talent, culture and management can not have any short board.

understanding and construction of enterprise culture

talked about corporate culture, said Sun Zhenyao, corporate culture is a way of thinking and behavior of internal members of the enterprise, is the internal members of the enterprise sharing the ideological system". It guides or influences the actions and actions taken by the entrepreneurial team members in the face of "external environmental challenges" and "internal operational integration issues". < >