Earn 200 (four) do DC earn the first barrel of gold

IDC hard to do? Not difficult, now many Internet companies, virtual host of this web site service, see there is no money, but the market is still very large, there are many companies open every year, many people are engaged in the business website, if the market is so big you bread, to 100 one is enough. Said in front of the network to do business, the network when the cause of view, can lay the foundation for hard work, the following I explain the day earned 200 (four): I do IDC earn the first barrel of gold.

IDC I do now every month with 2 sites are not difficult, a 1500,2 3000, a larger site in two and three thousand, with registered website space and domain name, this aspect of the business, such as network promotion, post and so on, if not what problem, one year minimum 000 4-5. Equivalent to the white-collar now, but then again, but also out of the cost of what, 40 thousand I think there is no problem.

IDC how to do now, so many Internet companies, if you are a person with business cooperation, or studio to do, there are a lot of problems, if you are a person and studio, many large companies stand not worry to you, if you do not maintain security, there is a price. If you open the price is higher than the network company, I believe that few people come here to do business. If we are working in the studio to find what kind of company? I think that some small and medium-sized companies can, as well as personal business can also be a lot of stand.

how to find customers, for this problem, many of my friends think that I want to do a site every day there are people looking for you to buy space station, it is not, we do IDC is to do e-commerce, e-commerce and network marketing promotion and there is a big difference, e-commerce is a process, including pre-sale, trading, customer service. The network marketing and promotion is only the first step, how to make the most effective customer to find you. Next to find you, the customer needs not to be not necessarily, you look at how to do e-commerce.

I used to take a test done contrast marketing in this aspect, a studio website I access only 10 thousand 3-4 personal advice, they have in mind is to consult but it is difficult to buy into the client, but also among time tracking. This shows a list of 10 thousand people visit the site were no more than one or two. But I have another method such as adding some QQ group released some free programs, some users answer questions on the forum and blog, this transaction is very good, usually 10 people have to buy 3-4, basically 20 people will be able to make a single.

why have such a large gap, because you are not a network company Authority Station, small, can not sign the contract and invoice of natural credibility is low, the two is the website registration space, not that we buy, but goods than three, such as price, quality of service and so on.

if we pull the customer to do,