4 ways to improve Google alliance Adsense revenue

Adsense do not deduct the amount, is indeed the most worthy of choice, but also the largest Adsense advertising alliance. Many webmaster asked me, how to improve the adsence income? I have 4 kinds of effective methods to introduce to everybody.

1 focuses on the best form of AdSense advertising.

currently has a total of 12 different AdSense advertising format, the webmaster can be used in accordance with the needs of AdSense format, you can also combine the AdSense advertising in 2 formats. From practice, the large rectangle (336×280) this kind of advertising has a high click through rate, medium rectangle (300×250) and 120×600 (skyscraper) this kind of advertising click rate is also good.

2 AdSense ads into the site.

advise you to set their own color AdSense ads into your website place, for example, if your site is a white background, put your advertising border and background is also set to white, AdSense ads look like web content, this approach can get higher click rate.

3 AdSense is best placed near the top of the page.

you AdSense best placed near the top of the page, visitors can quickly see the ad. AdSense placed at the bottom of the page, from the effect of view, click rate dropped quickly. I have done experiments, advertising on the top of the click rate of about 1%, the same page on the bottom of the page, click rate dropped to less than 1/1000.

4 images can be close to your AdSense ad.

images on the AdSense text ads have been shown to have a huge impact on the click rate, because the image to attract attention. But to remind that, adsence pointed out a lot of illegal graphics placement method. Please refer to the guide, do not violate the rules. There is no doubt that the 4 methods are feasible. You can increase the click through rate, increase AdSense revenue. My current English station click rate is 3-4%, the Chinese station click rate of around 1%. Of course, in the operation, you can and network marketing, try, be sure to monitor its effectiveness, find your own adsence format.

also remind you that, do not violate the Google guidelines and regulations. Otherwise the book more income, nor into your pocket. In terms of integrity, Google is trustworthy.

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