A pathos story of four years of College Entrepreneurship



this is a true story of college students, mainly about the protagonist of the past four years, some of the experience, and the owner of the story is me. This article is to have four years of entrepreneurship Memorial, I hope to start friends some lessons and get advanced guidance, and for their encouragement.

2008, who kicked one thousand yuan a person came to the school in Beijing, began his four year career in beijing. Poverty in rural households, tuition is a national loan, living expenses is brought home one thousand yuan.

the first day into the University, I was thinking about how to spend one thousand yuan after the end to earn another $one thousand or even more $one thousand. In a third with the help of fellow students I started selling the Olympic Fuwa in school, students from a wholesale 90 yuan, the price of 130 yuan, the next month to sell more than and 100 sets, this is my university for the first time earn 4000 yuan, then rampant, sell USB, Happy Valley tickets, tourist attractions tickets. Have done postgraduate entrance examination, the number of mobile family, back to dial and other things, the cumulative gain of about 100 thousand, in 2009 his father suddenly fell ill, all used as a medical fee.

2009 to participate in the annual meeting of entrepreneurs magazine, met a lot of Internet entrepreneurs ignited the passion of my Internet business. The year after, in the last 10 years in the March that the opportunity is found in combination with other classmates founded his group www.pengpengtuan.com group purchase website, website on-line from April until October stopped early, others are very interested to do later is always a person in my support, does not survive until October the turn off, this venture to lose ten thousand yuan and his girlfriend broke up as a price.

at the beginning of 2011 to regroup, do part-time college students during the vocation website network, home investment institutions to invest in us in the last meeting of the voting investment because I fancy moves, leading to investment wasted, I happened to other people in the partnership of significant events out of business, the business ceased abruptly, the loss of business out of five thousand yuan, mainly used for web development and server. It is worth celebrating in the end of 10 in the final exam period because of the overnight assault in the examination room in the encounter with the current girlfriend, until now. In the period of duty network WordPress is also used to change a technology blog site www.icocker.com technology mainly because I love guests above technical articles, finally because there is no renewal and stop.


two Internet startups fail a great blow to me, thought of this period has also had some changes, then turn the idea into the graduate school and then rely on the number of study abroad at public expense. So in 2011 the beginning of December to review PubMed, so when people think that certainly will not be successful, because the postgraduate exam time is January 2012 7>