Personal website alternative way to make money

personal website owners often do the station mostly hang alliance advertising, but we have other Union a way of earning money? We are not industry station, not B2C, a large number of articles, entertainment, websites and other sources of income?

I provide some ideas for your reference, I hope useful to you.

, Ali mother cat

many of my friends know mother alliance it, but you are familiar with the guest promotion? In fact, there are a lot of goods commission ratio is very high, if can through the web site to sell a commodity, Chengdu enough of your day advertising revenue, even more! You have some suggestions and Promotion Association your site goods, such as TV movie station, can promote some South Korean clothing, the game website can recommend a card, medical website can recommend the Chinese medicine ~, the association you use your head.

two, the text of precision advertising alliance

has not thought about their sites in the text can also be sold for money? Yes, as long as you add text ads on the line, more suitable for text-based web site. I recommend you qunshi alliance, the alliance threshold is relatively small, if your site is very powerful, can apply to the eye. But it seems hard to get through.

three, and split the income

Witkey website

now many Witkey sites have introduced consumer can commission system, ranging from 2% to 10%, here I recommend they China doubt guest percentage is 10%, and the Permanent Commission can. And half of the income of the Witkey station, but also good.

finally wish you on the basis of advertising revenue, the financial resources rolling, webmaster laugh!

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