A leader must do five words

a few days ago to share with you some of my experience in the venture, said some company system in the formulation and implementation of the topic, so today we’ll talk about dry cargo, I know these are now young people, entrepreneurs really want, but also really want to see. Well then, let’s start

everyone has his own personality, some good talk some more love quiet, but as an entrepreneur, you must find a way to marketing, sales, sales to their own ideas, so that you can win enough for his companions. In fact, we all understand, today’s society has not rely on personal ability can be about the situation, to turn the tide, now rely on the team, and how to set up a team, how to let the team has a fighting force and execution, how to let the team of people you trust, and this requires marketing to today! Share five words:

first word – Ping

flat refers to the skills, as a leader, you must be able to say. Even if you usually shy, but when you belong to the time you have to say, let subordinates know your thoughts, understand your intentions, and how to perform, this is a leader should have the ability and quality but also necessary. This is the beginning of a leader as well as entrepreneurs, even if you do not dare to say, or even say it, then as an entrepreneur you are unqualified, or that you are very difficult to succeed.

second words – steady

stability is a state of mind. Is the so-called made event, Taishan collapse in the former and sweat. This is a state of mind. You will face a lot of problems in the process of entrepreneurship. From the beginning, to the confusion, difficult to even deny their own, but all this is the mentality of the problem. The stability is to stabilize the leadership of their own mentality, but also to stabilize the mentality of the team. Only one entrepreneur stable, then the company can develop.

Third words – Shen

refers to the system, that is, to sum up their own system, a model. Because this is a start-up into the entrepreneurial industry, this time you can count the people inside the circle, but still a new person, so this time you need to be a way to adapt to their own development.

Fourth words – up

is innovation. When you sink to a certain extent, the industry, have a good understanding of their own time, you have to the link. Innovation is the theme of modern society, only innovation can continue to expand the market, but also to continuously enrich themselves, broaden their horizons, to strive for further improvement.

Fifth words – Vibration

vibration is frequency. Here is the team effect. We all know the power of resonance, and it shows that a team is far more powerful than a person. >