fought the day in the garbage station

I was from 06 years in July began to contact the station, the purpose is not to do the station, is money, because I am poor, but also jingle.

The first station is

game download station, looking for free space, corn are not, the people of the sub directory to add a user name, on the Internet for a set of all the contents of all the panic, then hotlinking, only job is to design the page template back and forth, people steal resources. Baidu included traffic to hundreds, and earn money thinking, looking for a few alliance, with little advertising, but no one click, the day number of background in the click is always hovering between 1-5. How could one day earn money, even a few cents do not earn, God knows how long I wait until the payment? I think I go online, find some good code, but it is not what fart, a day is two or three dollars, sudden death!! then the station is 2000 bye bye about the final flow, earn less than 150 dollars, I give up, I am a apple seed today tomorrow to eat an apple, now think that stand up quite a pity, you should stick to it, but when young, do not want to walk the


later became a beauty diagram station, find the set of procedures, modified source code, all Daolian Tom forum pictures, later stolen Yahoo, but the acquisition of mad, then Yahoo does not allow direct hotlink, haha!! simple, the start of the traffic exchange, do 3000IP. Someone said, advertising, the view is security, 200 a month, and is immediately paid a good day, excited, the original money is not the only league only! Then one day he learned to horse, this is great, although my flow is not much, but the day hanging or earned 28 dollars, three days living without it! A month hanging horse, horse 1000 dollars. Later hung up, no amount, and finally succeeded in suicide…..

later or use the set change their source code to do a QQ net station, but no traffic to a fart, tianbai volume, how to earn money? One day do not know how to engage in a method can get about ten thousand flow from somewhere, but are garbage flows, I put the flow into the on one page, and then add the GG advertising, ha ha, as we all know, the new page is English GG advertising, advertising, the price is quite high, once a man points out $2.5 a time! Soon begin to match the Chinese on, I’ll change the page and most of the day is $25, then think is unbelievable, a day nearly 200 ah, when I do 220 knife brake, that will be closed, and the payment period is so long, I would starve! But then really pay, spending immediately Run to the 1600 ah, ha ha! Against the end and regret should stay a few commemorative.

then switched to selling pop to 10 yuan a day….

later learned to cheat the first food, there is no technical content, with others >