Mobile nternet era how to upgrade the transformation of the webmaster

in 2012, Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu said: 2012 is the first year of the mobile Internet is also the core of the transformation of the user of the year. In his words, I think, not without reason, in 2012, with the decline in the use of intelligent mobile phone, the crowd began to expand, including students, migrant workers, blue collar, ordinary people have gradually the use of intelligent mobile phone. With the popularity of smart phones, mobile Internet is gradually moving towards the era of mass.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said: 2013 will be a year of rapid development of mobile Internet, especially now with the thousands of smart mobile phone penetration opportunities, mobile Internet has also ushered in a good development space. Here, I will become a mobile Internet metaphor ship will sail the ship, but the ship of the mobile internet ticket, our small and medium-sized site’s webmaster can get? In the mobile Internet era, how to grasp the opportunity to upgrade the webmaster


in May this year, the global mobile Internet Conference, Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng in the mobile internet conference said: Tencent only got the mobile internet ticket for standing room. We know that the Tencent for the popularization of Tencent QQ users, mobile Internet should occupy an important part, why Ma Huateng speaks Tencent only got the mobile internet ticket for standing room? He said, is not really the only get a platform ticket? We can only guess. However, in the mobile Internet on this ship, we can seize the opportunity to transform the small and medium-sized webmaster


mobile Internet is different from the traditional Internet model, the traditional Internet is based on the PC Internet model, the mobile Internet has its own uniqueness – mobile. Seize the mobile this feature, the webmaster can be combined with their own advantages will continue to expand, you can also use the mobile Internet platform, so that the successful transformation of their web site.

mentioned above, we can combine the advantages of small and medium-sized website with their own mobile Internet to expand the development and expansion of the field of operations. Here, A5 ( editors believe that the following two directions are better: the first is the APP direction; the second is the O2O mode.

APP: with the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone, APP login mobile Internet as the most convenient way to hold the entrance of mobile internet. Now this kind of software is favored by more and more people, in the absence of a lot of money, the mobile phone APP site is a good choice for the development of small and medium sites.

O2O: now, O2O model is very suitable for small and medium-sized website development in the mobile Internet platform, small and medium-sized site is mostly local station, according to local people understand, can be combined with their own advantages, the introduction of local service platform, from catering, leisure and entertainment, life service delicacy and so on in, of course, this requires some industries involved in a certain place.