Art shop to make money private experience big exposure

          I have opened the art shop for two years, but also brought me a lot of benefits. Shop so far, the monthly income has generally been controlled at around ten thousand. Here, I would like to share the experience of these private, take out exposure.

          my collection of ancient coins, are years of private collection, also found many friends exchanges and antiques on good stuff, because itself is not practical, and high cost the store opened, not much time, so choose a well-known website to shop, I shop in Taobao first, find the friend is more sensitive to the price, and to Chinese mainly. Later, try to open a shop on eBay, relative to foreign customers have increased, the relative effect will be better. The monthly income is about two thousand, which is far from what I expected.

          through the circle of friends, the eyes are now collectors began to throw to the professional art collection network, so I in China and Tibet Amoy net, which has opened the individual shop. Friends and experts here are more professional, not only to make friends in the industry, experts have also made the business bigger, and now has formed a fixed circle of customers. For small success today, I made some conclusion, to want to open the art shop some friends is my wise remark of an experienced person, a little dedication, hehe

          first, honesty

          for their own collections to have certain understanding, promise not to sell fakes, goods to deceive customers. Collection of this circle, once the credibility of the damage, it is difficult to re – based. Therefore, the credibility of a business is the key to winning.

          two, choose a professional trading site strong shop sales of
          do not think that the most famous online shopping mall is the most suitable, professional and strong is the most powerful guarantee of profit. Can be opened in several well-known professional website stores. I currently shop website you can also try, URL here and share with you:
1, professional website: (, the Chinese collection network (, Tibet Amoy network (;
2, online website: eBay (, Amoy.