Several steps to make money online using SEO

SEO will today about how to make money online, before I did not join the SEO training, I think: the use of SEO in making money online is really? When I took the SEO money after training to know, the original SEO website ranking so simple to make money selling products.

we should have consensus, the direct method is to make money is to sell products or services, in between the product and the customer link less, you can think of yourself with what the product promotion methods, of course, in many ways, we speak in front of the online method to make money can generally be used to promote products. The site is also hanging product sales a more direct approach to making money online, then we still talk about how to use SEO to make money online, or say so much nonsense ah, straight into the theme.

the first step, you have to find a product that can be sold on the internet. The characteristics of this product to meet several points, first, the profit is large enough, two is a convenient way to send loans, such as loans to pay, go to the Taobao store to buy the like.

second step, the product is found after the start of the selection of key words related to the product. Keywords should comply with several points, one is to have certain index, can go to the Baidu index view index number, such as a keyword index is 200, so Baidu will have about 200 people search this word, you want to compete in the two is the word, that is to say if the row in the Baidu home page is good some stations are in the key words, look at their station you can see the competition, the competition website included, outside the chain, the snapshot and content. If the competition can use the long tail keywords to do.

third step, is the site. We must meet several points, the first station to meet SEO, like whether to have the total update, the latest articles like plate like, and then consider the experience of the user, it is often said that the SEM, if you make a station to the customer feel professional will also affect the desire to buy, the last is some other the details, like site is static station is not conducive to the SEO website, keywords and description is not consistent with SEO, the general title of not more than 25 words, describe not more than 40 words.

Fourth step

, use the SEO technique to website ranking. SEO is also very simple, in fact, content is king, the chain for the emperor, the main attention to the points on the line, update the article with keywords of the hyperlink, and then make a site keywords link, also is in the chain, write on the label is the best keywords, timing quantitative update, it can cultivate the habit of Baidu spider crawling then, a part of every day the chain, quality is more important than the number of.

fifth, adhere to the above action after the general website will slowly appear ranking, then there is a natural income, any product or service station can be carried out according to the basic steps, I believe we learn to SEO technology is no longer online thing.

and confused.

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