Entrepreneurial team how to find a reliable partner, how to solve the contradiction


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in skills are complementary, but in the establishment of the company’s purpose and values of "soft concept" is to be consistent; if a dispute, the best solution is willing to take the time to respect each other, and often ask why a dispute, if not fundamental differences can be considered long-term cooperation. People often ask how to find a business partner. For such problems, they first need to know what kind of standards should be the founder of quality. It should be emphasized that the members of the entrepreneurial team need to have complementary skills, such as if a company wants to develop a web or mobile application, then the need for engineers, designers and marketers.

FounderDating and CEO Kessoca co-founder Alter, co-founder of just two founders sitting in a room, the relationship between them is the entrepreneurial team a key factor in the success of. U.S. technology blog Business Insider published an article last weekend, Alter describes her views on the entrepreneurial team.

below is the full text of the article:

often ask me what factors should be paid attention to when looking for a business partner. I think it includes complementary skills, common goals, and don’t try to make other people like your ideas (because they may change, and you’ll lose your position). But in fact, the founders need some other important qualities. A few weeks ago, I took part in a discussion on the venture partner at Startup2Startup, and the participants discussed the issue in depth. Posterous co-founder Garry Tan according to their experience, said: "success will be able to cover up everything."

it makes me think that when looking for a partner, you need to pay attention to an important factor is: how do you deal with potential conflicts between partners.

willing to spend time

how to deal with the relationship between potential partners is very important, this is due to various reasons. First, it takes time to deal with relationships. In other words, you need to spend a lot of time resolving differences. This is the most common problem. For example, someone sent e-mail to me, hoping to meet, to help him bypass the FounderDating process, because he believes that there is no time to finish the FounderDating routine". If you don’t have time, you can’t have a relationship. In this case, you’re just looking for an employee, not a collaborator.

we FounderDating members, FounderDating can help them find a good partner. But if you want to find someone who can work together, you have to try. For example, at first you can work together in your spare time