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to promote a plug-in: thousands of SkyDrive brain


listen to the name you probably already know this is a SkyDrive plug-in, but thousands of brain SkyDrive plug-in, he is not only SkyDrive, is not merely a plug-in


1.5 yuan /1000 download

2 using the PW + + brain upload plug-ins, the initial 1G (PW webmaster every 30 yuan can now!).

3.2008 years ago in December, all PW forum owners cash withdrawals, an additional increase of $20% reward. (only PW Forum)

plugin description

1000 brain PW file upload plugin is third party plug-in accessory storage 1000 brain designed for SkyDrive PW Development Forum, PW forum webmaster can make use of thousands of SkyDrive brain free storage space for attachment, use thousand brain does not limit the bandwidth to download and gain.

plug in function

1 supports multi file batch upload.

2 supports large attachments upload, not limited size, no restrictions on the type, do not limit traffic.

3 support upload progress bar and progress display.

4 finished uploading attachments automatically download address to the post editing area.

5 by thousands of SkyDrive brain storage, the webmaster can manage their own uploaded files, in addition to illegal content, does not delete files.

6 professional computer room, stable and reliable, high speed unlimited multiple line support.

plugin benefits

1 space a lot of small and medium-sized webmaster in the site for the space, the cost of the server account for most of the cost of the site, the use of thousands of brain plug-ins, you can lose this part of the cost of


2 income thousands of brain plug-ins for the owners to provide a thousand times to download the proceeds of 5 yuan, the greater the amount of downloads, the more income, the greater the space.

3 flow excellent site attachment is downloaded more, thousands of brain attachment download page will have your text chain! Let the excellent site more excellent!

installation process

registered to become the official user.


registration, if no problem, our auditors will open your account. Login to get a thousand brain upload plug-in code. Plug in the code embedded in your forum code, and then contact with thousands of brain customer service, open the initial level of 1G space, the greater the amount of downloads, the greater the space. Get rich Commission (5 yuan / thousand download), reach 50 yuan to be able to apply for cash now, pay commission every weekend! Note: PW user can withdraw 30 yuan!

registered address Rcmuse>