Former grand executive entrepreneurial Adventure the founder of cloud known sound from behind the st

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported on December 20th

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cloud known sound speech recognition is experiencing a hidden high-rise structure.

Tencent technology exclusively learned that the cloud known sound CEO Liang Jia no longer serve as well as CEO, responsible for the technical field of focus. CEO by Huang Wei as the company has been in office for more than a week.

The official website of the side

cloud known sound confirms the authenticity of the message. Cloud known sound within the company’s press release bulletin, China won the cloud known sound the most investment value of the top 50 enterprises in the title, cloud known sound CEO Huang Wei attended the meeting and award, press releases and with the Huang Wei award photos.

seems to the outside world, this seems to be airborne type adjustment. Insiders in the speech recognition industry seems to be the voice of the industry’s core character regression.

Huang Wei finally returned, and finally from the background to the front desk". A speech recognition industry insiders sigh.

Who is Huang Wei

? As leader in the field of speech recognition, he first worked at Motorola and Shanda Innovation Institute, established the grand innovation hospital speech branch, with the overall grand strategy adjustments, he left to choose entrepreneurship in 2012.

for Huang Wei’s argument is different. Grand innovation hospital staff said that Huang Wei is the senior grand innovation hospital in the first left Innovation Institute, he founded the cloud known sound. But before this, cloud known sound official denied that Huang Wei in this team.

in October this year, confirmed the completion of cloud known sound Qiming A round of financing, the amount of 100 million yuan, at this time, cloud known sound company was founded just 500 days. Cloud known sound fame has attracted the industry’s attention to it, and Huang Wei also pull the cloud known sound contact: "Huang Wei not face the founder of the company, and is more in private relationship cloud known sound. Although there is no clear evidence that the relationship between the two, but in fact inextricably linked, both very close." A person familiar with the matter said.

technology Tencent was informed that the Huang Wei served as the official CEO, and from the competition after leaving the grand agreement on the lifting of the ban. "This year, the rapid growth of cloud known sound, is closely related with Huang Wei behind the scenes manipulator." The above said.

this arrangement, informed sources, Huang Wei is more familiar with the capital side, easier to control the overall situation. Liang Jiaen is a typical technical talent, focus on technology is more suitable. "Huang Wei in the grand innovation hospital is the leadership of Liang Jiaen, after the first venture Liang Jiaen as CEO, Huang Wei behind the scenes. After the conditions permit, Huang Wei went to the front desk, this is a smooth chapter."

as a startup, cloud known sound of a year of growth obvious to people. "In the field of speech recognition, Baidu has made more than a year, cloud known sound also did more than a year, but the cloud known voice recognition technology such as recognition accuracy has a lot higher than Baidu." A voice >