Do you really need the direction of the elderly in the entrepreneurial direction


your entrepreneurial direction, the elderly users really need it

iPhone used car "escape" a founder of

heard @ white crow to do old mobile phone, I am happy and have more entrepreneurs focus on the field of the elderly. A project team is our car escape for the elderly service family SNS community, but failed to get a ride it, but I was willing to put his scar was opened, to share our experience with you.

first of all I want to say is, whether it is to do the old mobile phone, and even the elderly intelligent hearing aids, must remember, cannot be entrepreneurial enthusiasm and ideals which become dizzy with success forever is a business. No matter how great you do, how touching, you are in the operation of a business, not a charity, profit model is a huge problem for the elderly products, this problem is not solved, the products do good is the martyrs, do not like us,.

IT and the Internet in the field of the elderly is a piece of blue ocean, which is our parents before the conclusion of the imagination. After entering, we found that this is a blue ocean, which is a desert, so much more than the normal world of thinking and rules are not working, as if all of a sudden from earth to Mars, gravity is not the same. This is not only because of the old people with this group of young people’s living habits and habits itself a great difference, it is because of the difference between the old people also very great, which is decided by the people of the historical background. Let me give a simple example, some of the old man can play QQ ruthless, but also on the photography forum to show their works, while others can not read, you say you how to do this product?

so, then we summarize why the failure, we think they are three things to do too bad, even not doing, but the user experience, such as products such as small icons forced repeatedly, leading the team to do a lot of busywork, was doomed to failure from the start. If we do not rush out of the product at the time, but the first three things to understand, the results may be very different. These three events are: user positioning, customer positioning, just need.

user location

we felt that this is not simple, in a word, for the elderly, finished. Later we found out how mentally retarded. Because there is a huge difference in the elderly population, the user must be very careful investigation to a conclusion, according to the parameters, select groups of their largest and most easily the product promotion of the kind of talent for. I just said some parameters, such as age, gender, marital status, general state of health, retirement, children living conditions, affluence, family education, and the use of the Internet based IT products, network dependence, the proportion of family expenses.

if you ask me now for middle-aged and old products >