The degree of relaxation of Google Adsense

Now can not use the kind or not for the evaluation of Google Adsense, with the increase of users and advertising competition Google Adsense are trying to modify the user’s degree of moderation.

Before the

now Google is a very cool, cool in it still not willing to act on their own to do more to explain.

but Google is changing, from a top search engine provider to a network provider with comprehensive transformation. And I’m more concerned about the recent changes in Google Adsense:

service speed: This is a worthy of praise, not only speed up the Advisory reply frequency, and adjusted for China, user service in reply, during the work of Beijing time.

cancel payment: This is a bad news, but from a certain perspective, is a happy thing. If the time is found to be cheating or other acts in violation of the rules before the account will be stopped and refused to continue to participate in the Google Adsense, now has a cancel payment and reserve account, this is also a progress. Of course, this is a lot of Chinese owners do not seem to be able to accept, because the most important for their income, the account can not be re applied.