Yao Jinbo readme how far the vision decided to venture far

before I do anything, I’ll see if this is the future. It’s like playing ice hockey, ice hockey rolling on the ice, players must be in the direction of the ice skating. And we do anything when the success may not be in the now, but 5 years, after 10 years, the average is about 7 years, to be able to go to the market is also an average of about 7 years, from the establishment of the city is listed in the city for 8 years. With this preparation, entrepreneurs in the face of setbacks, in order to better overcome the difficulties.

I expect the future of China in the next ten years, or the best time to start a business in China in the past twenty years. Because China is changing, people have no money to the rich, people from the countryside to the city, many of the original service does not appear in China, only when the opportunity to change the opportunity to start a business. Entrepreneurs want to see change, can not see the change will not have the opportunity to appear, there is no chance of change is not. So, all entrepreneurs to thank life in this era.

the key to entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is to do things in the future, today’s business is expected to be 5 years, after 10 years of success, which is expected to be in the past 5 years, the Chinese people’s consumption patterns can be envisaged as the same as today, after 10 years. How to judge what it will look like in 5 or 10 years, you can take a look at what is happening in the United States, Japan and europe. You see, how Americans live, I went to the United States will put all American newspapers and magazines have a record, later took what the company advertised, what is the company financing, at least your field how many listed companies, the market value is how much you have to know.

also start as soon as possible. Unless you are a very large resources of the company, or is a very important resource entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs start the sooner the better. Some people say that entrepreneurs should follow the drums, this wave I do business, the next wave is O2O O2O, I tired of this view. Some VC can do not think so, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs must do things in the future, the future of the more popular and better.

when a word in the industry by the media speculation when it’s hot, there is no impact on the user, the customer, your target audience and target customers and not because of the emergence of the word, the more you use the service and pay for your product, it will only make more competitive. For example, the word does not appear on the Internet banking and the size of the market has little effect, but it becomes a very popular word will only have an impact on the public.

has many advantages, you know more than the industry into a new one, you can talk about the organization of the industry, this industry talent, you made a lot of mistakes at the beginning to do, take a lot of detours, these to the person who are high barriers. Two companies are starting to melt $5 million, there is a company ahead of two years, there is a company two years later this gap is huge, the company is always a little faster than you. Entrepreneurship is like this, you do 95 points, the other one is a score of 96, so you have to run down no doubt. This scale will be through talent, investment