Expose liar League hot coal transfer

I reveal the history of the history of China’s largest liar League "hot coal" we all know that the Union’s largest advertising and almost all of the ads are! Web site artists do quite well! They haven’t paid a commission for 06 years since they made a commission in December! Some of the large advertising I see almost hundreds of thousands of commission! This talent did 3 months to do the 1000 pairs of blocks! Their reason is that the main reason for the new system in the next month after the commissioning of the new alliance and the new alliance payment system to pay the Commission commission! This shit said a year! I also made a lot of calls! Every time the customer service said the new system to fudge me! Now in June, they finally put the new system on! But before the ID and data are all empty! Is really hateful ah! Hope the legal means to figure wangdage help us pick up the Internet to help us these Adsense out of breath! Everyone together to the hot! Hot is the most shameful advertising alliance! People who have been cheated to me!