Hot spot analysis why is QQ worth

What kind of QQ number is considered good? Why is QQ worth? How to evaluate and calculate the comprehensive value of QQ? These are a lot of QQ" fans " concern. I will make an analysis from several aspects, for reference QQ fancier.

the need to explain, because the Tencent is very sensitive about the QQ transaction, so the QQ price will fade, only to compare similar; and in each period, the market price is not the same.

Analysis of the value of

A, from the number to

That is the early application of

in 2001 when they were forced to withdraw a lot (a few I know many friends are in a small period of time was taken by the long-term use of the trumpet. The password protection that began in 2000 was actually an excuse for their recovery. 8888899999100000. These numbers have also been issued out, but it is the use of the people inside the Tencent will take advantage of the work, but also face the fate of the recovery.

the reason for this phenomenon is, because at that time to open a chat room "QQ Liang competition". The first is the Tencent Inc insiders do on hands and feet, Liang withheld, and later the company has disclosed the number of up, causing the phenomenon now gone pretty.

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