60 Huang after the first venture why do import food electricity supplier

Abstract Huang Ruo, senior retail professionals, Taobao mall, founder of dangdang.com original COO, Hua Ping capital investment adviser for billion state power network had an "circle of friends selling beef reflection: experience the" blind "WeChat", by the small living as "Uncle molested the butcher". Who anticipate a prophecy, a few months later, Huang Ruo investment and the founder of the B2C website "imported food every day 100% on the line, uncle trader little meat was moved on the business platform.

import electricity supplier honey bud baby mother CEO Liu Nan told billion state power network, when engaged in iron and steel, real estate began to do this (import electricity supplier), it is certainly overheating. Blue ocean pier CEO once it is stressed that the imported electricity supplier is still in the exploratory stage, not suitable for too much money to the enterprise.

there are so many in the deep zone of wading through young entrepreneurs have repeatedly warned, is a semi retired Huang Ruo why hesitate to choose imported food business? What is an old traveller Dujuhuiyan, or the industry really hot? Seem nothing special highlights of the day 100, really stand in the future electricity supplier outlet on? What is the purchase of imported electricity supplier, or an open platform, "layman" yellow if can understand



Huang Ruo


billion state power network

day 100 investor and trader Huang Ruo

billion state power network: before you as an investor in the project said, look at the electricity supplier, will see three points: there is no business model innovation, the operation efficiency is higher than others, the site has no repeat. If you use this theory to question every day 100 percent, how do you answer?

Huang: I think it is a new way of thinking. All of the electricity supplier companies, do when it is said that at least than before, said the scale of doing so. From the beginning, I wanted to do a small, the smaller the better.

is a small and big thinking what? When you want to do, your strength must be very scattered, when I want to do small, focus, focus, focus and this is precisely the most suitable for Chinese consumers in the next rhythm.

should note that Chinese consumers will shift from a large consumer demand to the level of consumer demand. Speaking from the line, WAL-MART entered China in 90s, we will feel good WAL-MART, a store what things are, what can be bought. But slowly will find that WAL-MART has many places such as girls love hate, cosmetics, but WAL-MART cosmetics is not complete; people love to drink Wine, but WAL-MART may have little or no. So, you will find that there is no company in the world is large and vertical and both sides can do a good job.

I think the stratification of consumers will become more and more obvious, the store and category killer shop have been born,