Market analysis of the transformation of Chinese Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Click


Chinese click Wangzhuan station because the cost is relatively low, the station is relatively easy, but the initial investment is relatively large, if there is no more to do to ensure the follow-up funds, or website without a stable source of income, or to the dead site is imperative. The rich uncle Mao station fell not to say. Now to Vujacic network as an example, the transformation problem about Chinese click wangzhuan.

Vujacic network is the predecessor of the Hangzhou (later renamed the China Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan), Hangzhou is a typical Chinese click Wangzhuan station, opened in February 2008, is Hunan Changsha webmaster, now working in Hangzhou, the website named Hangzhou Hangzhou Wangzhuan, website and pay the celebrity in the Chinese click Wangzhuan circles. The active site when the largest membership reached six thousand people. Make payment website member of Hangzhou Wangzhuan pain, coupled with the website source of income is limited, last fall sooner or later. August 2009 Hangzhou Wangzhuan made a major adjustment, retains the conventional money mode, will focus on developing the registered earning, and achieved great success, not only to keep the legitimate rights and interests of the original members of the site and ensure the stable source of income. This transformation of those unable to sustain Chinese click Wangzhuan station to find a new path, its experience is worth learning Chinese click Wangzhuan station.

1, increase the payment amount, liberated from the complex payment. In order to maintain the integrity of the original Hangzhou Wangzhuan, has always insisted on payment of 0.2 yuan, a day to pay membership 100. Now, after the transformation of membership for the first time payment of 1 yuan, the second and subsequent payment for 2 yuan, reduce the labor intensity, of course, the amount paid is to improve integrity is the prerequisite for the payment.

2, retain the original Click to make money mode. Considering that most of the members are used, Vujacic network retains the original money mode, make friends with Wangzhuan greater freedom of choice, and ensure the benign development of the original website of the rights and interests of the members played a significant role.

3, adhere to the variety of incentives, improve the morale of Wangzhuan friends earn. As for pull off the assembly line, and actively participate in the network promotion Vujacic make friends monthly reward, the first reward amount reached 100 yuan, to ensure that the source of the membership of the website, improve Vujacic network traffic and visibility.

4, improve the sub commission. From Hangzhou Wangzhuan two commission to level five referral commission, let more members enjoy the actual promotion Vujacic network to bring benefits. This is generally difficult to do the site, but the network from the three months of running time is still successful.

5, the focus of the transfer of money. Now the sand network will earn money to make friends and websites in the registration of money to make money. Registered money is now a mainstream, Chinese Wangzhuan is simple, but generally do not make friends. Sasha Vujacic network provides an effective way to make friends can do more than five yuan a day. The registration task of the network is divided into five levels, the first level is recommended