Personal Adsense on the decline of Ali mother website alliance

Ali mother? It seems to be renamed the Taobao alliance. What is the support of Ali’s mother who is now Ali mother’s popularity and how it all confused small series will unlock for you one by one. Please forgive me if there is anything wrong with this small, only a small submarine mother forum.

1, junk webmaster

            Ali mother just set up, all the owners worship Ma’s fame, the giant Taobao, the increase in the amount of online shopping have joined Ali mother alliance. Ali mother threshold is low, fast review. Compared to Google, Baidu alliance, this is really a day of speed ah. It is this, by now, the advertising effect is relatively poor, rampant spam sites. Although there are initiatives to raise the audit scale. Can be audited before the adoption of the garbage site


2, Taobao guest

            according to this opinion, Xiao Bian believes that Ali mother alliance pillar Taobao guest. However, since the advent of Taobao customers so far, all the concerns of Taobao customers still can not be resolved. For example, the documentary system. Think of the huge, Ali mother alliance, how even a single system not? You know like had. Or now the next site shopping system has a. This is really quite confusing. Secondly, the single issue, which has not been a good solution. Some people buy their own links to the goods without commission, the transfer of a single, some of the large amount of the site, the Commission appears to fluctuate significantly, resulting in a single. On the one hand, the forum gourd baby did not give timely or effective solutions. It had to let people suspect that this is not the so-called "buckle" Ali mother type "buckle"? 10 Taobao 1 days off, even if 1 people eat only 1 single, 1 commission if 1 cents, the Taobao customer… How many large population to 1 in the world? If you don’t know how much money? A single tone, do not know the single complaint handling problems, the commission who ran the small pocket? For half a Taobao, the

now decide on what path to follow?

3, management

                it is the end of March, the forum administrator (gourd) said to be revised. Now in the middle of May, has not yet changed well, the name changed to the Taobao alliance, but inexplicably out of a good alliance. Change the name of the web site, as a webmaster seems to be taboo, but as a financial background website which is probably not what the big deal. And a good alliance, I would like to say that the original Ali mother alliance so that users do not have a good sense of superiority, so tired to make money, so not open, transparent, notary. How many people have confidence to do the Taobao alliance, excellent League >