The problems faced by individual owners

due to the lack of satisfactory work, coupled with the freedom of the Internet business. More and more people to join the ranks of personal webmaster. And many webmaster want to be able to rely on the entrance of the webmaster, create their own career. However, is a big do a station to do a career gap. Just thinking, it’s enough to make a big difference.

SEO can not replace the site

Now most of the webmaster website

, are based on SEO as the entrance to occupy certain keywords to get directional flow, and the flow rate of SEO as the most or even the only source of traffic. Although such a good flow, but also can be converted into a certain customer. But you should understand that SEO itself is uncertain, the site was K, the site was down right, the opponent’s catch up can be instantly let your website traffic zero. We know that it is often a long time to come back, and then a few days, a few months, to re do a website is the same. A personal website may be nothing for a few days, but if a company stops for a few days, it’s a waste of money.

website can not become the main cause of

look at most of the success of the site, you will find that the site is only a window of their own, can not become the main cause of their business. People can still earn a little money, but if the development of a career. Involves not only the site’s problems, and even a lot of problems are more important than the issue of the site. Such as contacts, reputation, customer resources. These are not simple website can solve the problem. I believe you have seen such a situation, the construction industry even in the website, there are a lot of good performance of the company, their website may rank is lower than other sites in the same city rankings, but did better than their performance. Many online business, in fact, also need to do under the line of marketing operations support. Want to start a website can only become your entrance, you need to learn something new or a lot of.

communication and work assignment

personal webmaster face long-term cold computer, communication skills, team ability is relatively poor, and do not need the most practical ability is the strongest. From their own work, to let others work for themselves, the most need to change is to communicate with the staff to work well, to do everything to be assigned to the people who can do it best. Don’t do anything for yourself, to be a master. This is a change in character, but also more difficult to break through, especially communication skills.

data accuracy and integrity of the plan

personal webmaster, maybe you will do this, listen to others say what method to do the site effective, go to do a few days, also have no feeling and change. In the end is what has been done, but do not know what good or bad. If you are a career, this is not the case, you can not let the staff to do all the things, the waste of human resources is a waste of money