Amoy brand Royal mud square three axes marketing product management and the environment


Royal mud square chairman and President Dai Yuefeng

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Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

brand profile:

brand: Royal mud square (Hunan, Changsha)

category: Mask;

launch date: 2006;

executive team: Dai Yuefeng (Chairman and CEO); Liu Hailang (Royal mud square brand founder, is only responsible for the Royal Square mud at the beginning of raw material processing and management); Huang Jinfeng (chief of staff, similar to COO); Kang Wenshu (technical chief engineer, worked for Unilever);

product line (paragraph): nearly 150 models;

guest unit price: 120 yuan;

sales: nearly two hundred million in 2011, target sales in 2012 of two hundred million;

net profit: Sales of about 10%, or book profit of $20 million. As a result of the expansion of business requires a lot of financial support, in essence still need to promote development through financing;

number of employees: nearly 500 people (including customer service and storage, etc.);

financing: access to a billion yuan investment, specifically inconvenient to disclose.

(above information provided by Royal mud Square)

is headquartered in Hunan, Royal mud square is a completely dependent on Taobao channels do mask brand. Since 2006, the Royal mud square in Taobao’s annual sales of less than 1000 yuan from six months to nearly a year soared to nearly $two hundred million. From the point of view of the brand in this period, the Royal mud square proved the important role of marketing, product management and the environment of these three elements in the process of Amoy brand growth.

"good time" marketing

April 2010, Royal mud square sales soared four or five times. This makes the company president Dai Yuefeng a bit surprised, because the previous growth rate is generally one to two times. But he knows where the unexpected growth comes from. In April 9th, he participated in the Hunan TV broadcast "every day". This program, he demonstrated the Royal mud square mud mask production process, to their own brand made a big advertising.

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