Analysis of how to do a bid to return

competitive product models are: 1, the team a large area of sales of products, called CJ or CB mode; 2, personal sales of a single product.

, a team for sales of CJ or CB mode products, kiss Xingmin suggest you put on the bidding must pay attention to the following points:

1) investment and return.

investment and returns include the following aspects:

1, through the sale of this product testing and gradually familiar with Google bidding, the future will be able to switch to another product;

2, the product is suitable for the business given the profit on the bidding, such as a product business given the Commission allows you to generate profit, can be put in; if the bidding has been running at a loss, whether should pay attention to. If every time on the loss is not serious or guaranteed, if you hold on the bidding and bidding learning psychology, proposed to continue to launch, because the auction to pay some; if the loss is very serious, we can not take money to joke.

2) promotion channels for similar products.

1, search for the corresponding station, analysis of flow pertinence and authenticity, if the indicators can reach your requirements, recommend the purchase of monthly advertising;

2, and the corresponding flow of webmaster cooperation.

3, when the product for the Alliance Program, can be registered ID, kiss Xingmin suggest to set up their own sales team. Specific operation depends on the understanding of everyone, because you do not need to register the ID and other business disputes occur, you manage your ID, according to these businesses ID commission. How to allocate the Commission, you and your sales team to discuss the decision to the network does not appear negative information for the principle;

4, soft wen. Soft is soft advertising, advertising is not like advertising. A valuable soft Wen will be numerous webmaster reproduced, the power can make your product has the momentum of sustained sales;

two, independent product launch.

on the sale of this product, you need to put a small flow test, test the success of efforts to increase the flow of traffic to earn more cash.

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