Chinese nternet new creative new business which is the most popular

In 2005, Chinese Internet is definitely worth a write a great deal about new ideas, new business, so much to do a collective exhibition and appearance. There are trees to open new branches, new start-up companies came to the forefront.


TechWeb, tianjiwang, CCIDNET launched China Internet industry, new ideas, New Business Award (since the second half of 2004, the new) allow readers to elect China, think the future of the Internet’s most creative and competitive direction. This event was supported by Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portal channels.


this event, starting in October 24th, the end of the early morning of November 6th, a total of 5628 votes. In November 08, TechWeb, tianjiwang, CCIDNET analysis released the final voting results and essentials.


when the Internet is not only the competition of technology, content, but also related to our imagination and creativity, which makes the field of the Internet becomes richer and more interesting. In the business week recently selected the 20 most innovative companies in the, there is no Chinese companies. I believe 5000 years of precipitation, 1 billion 300 million of the brain wisdom rotation, Chinese ideas, in the near future, will make the whole world by surprise.


in the portal, search, online games business development of the latest trends in the voting, based on the search engine’s interactive services are most optimistic about the reader, Baidu know and Sina Iask, respectively, 16.06% and 15.68% of the vote. Represented by the Google search engine in the world, represented by Baidu in China, are very influential, the result is not surprising.


(click here to see the picture or pictures, in the new business development) survey of relevant professional website

, business differences, but basically is based on the introduction of new business of existing services, rarely involved in the popular Web 2 service, located in the middle class in addition to portal a outside the home. In the survey, and the blog and personal portal industry.